Learn all about why so many players choose to play on our server.
Our server
This project is built around player interaction, which is why we let our players directly influence what happens in the city, from city management to economic regulation.
Our IP
Types of weapons
Huge world
Our server is set up in such a way that lets server admins interfere as little as possible into the role-playing process while allowing players to forge their own path in the game.

Admins are there to make sure everyone is role-playing while on the server, and they should not actually have any influence on what happens in the game. This is one of the core principles of this server.
Faction leaders are no longer appointed by admins, they are instead elected by players. Every once in a while an election takes place in the state, and the results of the election dictate who the new Head of state will be. It is up to them to appoint faction leaders. The candidates will have to earn the people’s respect – after all, whether or not the economy of the state will prosper heavily depends on what the Head of state does.
Game Features
Everything on the UNIQ RolePlay server is built around its dynamic economy. This means that you can actually change the prices and players’ salaries on the server. Players will be able to regulate the economy without any admin interference.

This dynamic economy allows for better interaction between players and factions. The government holds all the primary instruments for controlling the economy, but they are not the only ones who can influence price formation. For example, businessmen will be able to put their own prices on their goods, and players will have the right to riot and stop any and all trade throughout the state.
your career
Join the emergency service and save other players’ lives every day. Respond to emergencies and make money by performing surgeries and other medical services.
Make your way up the criminal ladder and get rich through illegal means. Earn a reputation out on the streets, join the mafia and take part in lucrative schemes.
Buy a profitable factory and go on to create a business empire. Make one of the Los-Santos skyscrapers your HQ, get crazy rich and expand your influence throughout the state.
Pursue a career in law enforcement and become a policeman. Patrol the city and its suburbs, write people up and arrest criminals. Alternatively, become a bad cop and find loopholes to pursue your personal goals.
Join the FBI, where you will have to fight crime, both out on the streets and within the government. Stop drug trafficking and corruption, storm buildings, take part in investigations or prevent kidnappings.